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WhatsApp Mod APK

WhatsApp is one of the highly-used and most popular messengers. It is available for free of cost and provides services with lots of features. Specially, when it comes to use it high levels and deal with lots of contacts, then some people may face limits as barriers. Generally, these limits belong to the usage of features, such as – number of members in a group, the number of contacts to forward messages at once, and much more.

Along with it, people are looking for some specific ways by which they can easily extend the privacy settings and make multiple changes as well. As a result, the interested ones have to focus on making changes in the applications and their functioning. People with no technical knowledge and lack of resources cannot take proper measures to fulfill such requirements.

Here, all people are looking for a perfect source by which they can edit settings and make the application work as they need. The WhatsApp Mod APK appears as the biggest option and the only way to deal with such a situation. In the upcoming paragraphs, you will get more details regarding these things.

What Is WhatsApp Mod APK?

WhatsApp Mod is not any kind of specific application, but it is a category that represents this type of application. This is the product of advance digital engineering & industrial experts who are genius in coding. Here, the experts worked on editing the original application by unlocking some limited features and adding some new one as well.

All these features are useful in using WhatsApp in an advanced way and experiencing multiple benefits, like – increasing privacy, keeping things hidden, and much more. Along with it, the individuals can also make some changes in the interface to make it user-friendly and interesting as they want.

Now, the question appears on how to get WhatsApp Mod APK. You cannot find these types of applications of on system authorized application stores, App Store for iOS, and Google Play Store for Android. You have to search on a web browser openly and get the desired application.

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Is It Safe To Use WhatsApp Mod?

Many individuals are getting confused when it comes to the usage of WhatsApp Mod applications. Mainly, they want to know it is safe to use such applications or not. In reality, experts have made Mod application introducing some changes and modifications in the original applications.

These modifications can be useful in making lots of things better with the addition of some new features and extending the limits of the existing ones. Interestingly, there is nothing to worry about the usage of mod WhatsApp APK if you pick the right application. To avoid confusion and make a perfect decision, you can get help from the application testimonials.

How To Install WhatsApp Mod?

To install WhatsApp Mod APK, the individuals need to search for a credible source first. After that particular, you need to make some changes in the settings of devices, such as – allow third-party installation from unknown sources settings. In case you keep it disabled, then you cannot get mod APK installed on the device.

Top WhatsApp Mod APK Suggestions


It is a good modified version of WhatsApp that is available in three different versions. You can install this particular application on the Android mobile device with Android 4.0 or higher system version. These are the newly added features to this application.

  • Easily send around 100 pictures.
  • Blocked ones can send a message without getting unblocked.
  • Users can easily hide typing status, hide blue tick, and online status.
  • Display different profile pictures in individuals and group chats
  • More than 4000 themes available for customization
  • Capable of sending files of multiple formats PDF, ZIP, APK

WhatsApp Plus

If you want to get information about the very first WhatsApp Mod APK and use it, then you can go with the option of WhatsApp Plus. Moreover, it has additional but advanced multiple new features that you cannot find in the original WhatsApp application.

  • Send full HD images without getting the quality standards damaged.
  • Online status hide with ease.
  • Emojis supported.
  • Auto-reply mode.
  • Easy to send large video files.

These are some major features that you will get in WhatsApp plus. Along with it, in case you want to install it on the device and access its services, then you have to uninstall the original one. If you don’t do that, then you cannot experience advanced and modified features.

Final Words

Finally, all these things can help you in getting deep information about the WhatsApp Mod APK and some major suggestions as well. In case you want to get some more options, then you can search on the internet and compare the available options as per their features and availability. Similarly, you can get modified applications of other social media platforms.



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