When Heart Goes Crazy – The Story of “Three points of love”

Love can drive you mad and crazy.I still remember that night – the “New year night” I was busy with arrangements, the lights, sound , artist , food check and a lot more ,oh my god it was full of fun and more than that the night i meet the one yes the one.

How I meet him?

Year ago, I was event manager in one hotel cum club and he was the member of one renowned NGO, club was supposed to arrange New Year Eve party which is worth attending for town for better results we collaborated with NGO, double the people , double the profit, business ethics you see ha-ha.

So as I said I was event manager I was so dam busy that night that my ‘’he’’ came in front of me but I couldn’t notice him. Post 3 months of the big celebration night he sent me a forward whatsapp message of some of his NGO event, with that we started having hey and hello chats, replying stories on social media.

Supporting each other with ideas for events and promotions brought us close towards each other, from discussing work to personal interest and choices we formed a good bong. Suddenly one evening i got to know from my mom that our families know each other already as we were of same city , same caste, for me it was cherry on my little baked cake feeling.

One step forward – the progress

From He and She before and now We – it was wonderful growth with emotional indulge, as I mentioned that our family were already familiar to each other , so I started visiting his house , forming bond with his family, giving love to his elders and pampering to young members and kids. After 2- 3 Visit one day his sister called me up and asked to join in their hose party of the youngest baby birthday celebration , I was overwhelmed and excited.

I dressed up like doll, collected the customized ordered cake and some chocolates for family. With big smile and pure heart I reached his place it was love all around with music and food as extra power to enjoy. I was feeling that yes this is it, I want this love and happiness not only today but for whole life not only this Saturday but for all coming Saturday and other days too. But, but , but.

Twist in tale

Twist in tale is must I guess and yes here I got the twist my sweet fairy tale. I was busy in the kitchen with his mom and other ladies and his sister called me up for tasting cake, I asked her about his brother – I mean my He, she pointed her finger towards the room next to the dining space and informed me that he was with his one of close friend, she is very close to him and she is not in good mood so they are having party cake and snacks in room only.

Firstly my reaction was little sad but then I said okay not a big deal but after more 25 minutes they were in room only I was sitting right opposite  them but they I  guess ignored me.

I had heard her name from him but then he could have made me comfortable by at least introducing with her. But no single smile he passed me when she was around.

Suddenly the loud and bright party turned dark and silent for me. I was sad and upset; thousand of questions were coming to my mind.

I thought I could simply make things work out in my favor if I just ignored all those feelings in the back of my mind but my mom once said that never ever ignore the words and voice that comes from your heart.

Talk Points

The more you read, the more you will learn. The more you will learn, the more you will grow beautifully. Because we only have one life, so enjoy every moment and aim to grow beautifully in your life. Therefore, read as much as you can, chances are high that you will not have a second chance to live this life to the fullest level. Always remember, only stories give the second chance but life does not- Happy Reading..!

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