Fix: Spotify keeps pausing,Find the solution with logic and details

Many users encountered that Spotify keeps pausing or skipping after every song or two;

Find the solution with logic and details;

While Spotify gives you way in to millions of songs and thousands of diverse artists surrounded by a huge variety of musical genres, the app can go off beam from time to time. This includes the irritating matter where Spotify keeps stopping. You can be sat there listening to your favorite track, only to find that Spotify has paused. If Spotify keeps freezing for you, this guide is what you’ll want to read. Read on for a fix, perfect for those discovery constant Spotify pauses happening regularly.

Spotify Keeps Stopping Fix

Over the years, Spotify users have been facing the same issue time and time again. It appears that the Spotify stopping issue is affecting users on PC, Android, and iPhone. Ample of you have been complaining that you’ll be listening to a song on Spotify, happy as Larry, only for it to pause and stop by chance before playing the next song. This is making you have to restart the app, wake your phone up from sleep to press play, and more. It’s annoying, to say the least. Is interrupted playlist play too much to ask?


Thankfully, though, there does appear to be more than one working Spotify keeps stopping fix. Below, you’ll find a list of different fixes that you should try if you find that your Spotify keeps pausing or stopping play randomly.

  • Modify your Wifi or data settings to keep always on during sleep mode
  • Nextly Clear the app cache
  • Disable and power or battery saving modes
  • Post that Make an exception on third-party battery saving or memory cleaning apps for Spotify
  • Re-install the app
  • Restart your computer, phone, or tablet

If none of these put right suggestions work, there is one more that, hopefully, should get Spotify working as it should again for you. Head onto and find yourself over to the Account Overview page after you’re logged in. Scroll down on this page and you should come across an option to “Sign out everywhere.” This will sign you out of Spotify on every device you have it installed and signed in on. Now, head to your favored Spotify app and log back in. This may well fix the annoying Spotify stopping bug for you.

If nothing suggested here works, however, head to the Spotify community website and ask for some help.




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