What Is It Like To Be A Sapiosexual? Signs of Sapiosexuality

The human body is one of the most beautiful and versatile machines made by God. Apart from the strong bones, muscles, sharp mind what has amazed the medical science is sexual orientation. In simple terms, you can think of the sexual orientations as an emotional set of feelings that spark love feelings in humans. And Sapiosexual is one of many sexual orientations. In your daily life you must have seen many people from common sexual orientation such as Heterosexual, Bisexual, and Homosexual. But, have you ever wondered- What is it like to be a Sapiosexual person? Your first question must be: what is Sapiosexual? 

What is Sapiosexual? Is it really a sexual orientation?

Facial features, hair style, height, body shape and size are some common factors that drive the sexual orientation of most of the people. But, what if you find a person who likes or dislikes people on the basis of intelligence level? Yes, it might surprise you but it is the reality of Sapiosexual people.

Sapiosexuals are those people who physically and emotionally get attracted to only the intelligent people. Smartness and wisdom are only two things that matter more than money, social status, and physical appearance for a Sapiosexual person. Now the characteristics of intelligence might differ person to person. For some the creativity and interpersonal skills might be the major turn on. While other Sapiosexual people find interpersonal skills, adaptability, knowledge, and strategic thinking skills more attractive than anything else.

Is Sapiosexuality really a sexual orientation? 

It might be your next question. Here is what experts have to say about Sapiosexuality.

The truth is, whether Sapiosexuality is a sexual orientation or not is still a debatable question. It is not like that experts have not researched this matter. The fact is, a lot of experiment and study have been carried out. But, surprisingly, different research teams and groups of experts from various countries reached different conclusions.

However, most of the experts, after careful consideration, agreed on one point. And that is Sapiosexual is all about how one nurture and develop mental and physical curiosity for someone not for whom. With that being said, experts mean, a Sapiosexual might get attracted to the person of same sex. It might happen between two males, two females, and two transgenders.

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Here is quick rundown of some common medically certified types of sexual orientations:

Heterosexual: One who attracts to the opposite sex.

Bisexual: One who attracts to both male and female.

Homosexual: Who attract to same sex only.

Pansexual: Who attract to all people from different gender identity.

Asexual: One who never attract to anyone.

Autosexual: Someone who likes to masturbate with other people.

Graysexual: One who sometimes develops sexual feelings for all genders and sometimes not.

How do you seduce a Sapiosexual?

The task of seducing a Sapiosexual person is quite different. Common known ways, simple tips and tricks that work in normal sex life don’t pay off when it comes to seducing a Sapiosexual person. That is not to say that the task of seducing them is difficult. Though it is quite tricky and takes a little time. Below are some proven ways with the help of which you can melt the ice and enjoy intimacy with your Sapiosexual partner:

Be an Intelligent Person

Yes, if you want to draw the attraction of a Sapiosexual person, you have to be an intelligent person. If you can’t in reality, then at least you have to appear as the one. This is the first step towards adding wings to your relationship with a Sapiosexual person.

Take Care of their Interest

You have to be conscious and respectable for their matter of interests. I am not saying to follow exactly what they love to do. But, it is important to appreciate their hobbies and their interests.

Start Reading and Visiting Library

History tells us that most of the intelligent people loved to read books. And the library always has been a traditional home of books. So, the idea here is to spend some time in the library. Whether you believe it or not but spending your time in a library might prove to be a foundation stone for your love for a Sapiosexual person.

Give the Words to Your Love

You might find it a little puzzling but this trick can do wonder. If you are seating close to your Sapiosexual partner, you must emphasize on your words. Make sure you are showering love, care, and affection through your words. Use some impressive words and dialogue to express your love rather an erotic touch.

Learn Something New and Share Knowledge

 It is worth noting that learning is a never ending process. Whether you are under 20 or more than 50, you always can find something useful that is worth your time and efforts. And more importantly, learning something might help you to win the heart of your Sapiosexual partner as they always like to learn something and the same they want from their partner.

How do you know if you are a Sapiosexual person?

Undoubtedly, we all want to be in the company of Intelligent people. But, if you are a sapiosexual person then you will not hesitate from taking your relationship to the new level with someone whom you love due to merely his/her intelligence. To help you understand and confirm whether you are a Sapiosexual or not, just check out the below mentioned points.

Probably, you are a Sapiosexual person if:

  • The intelligence level or you can say knowledge & wisdom matter most to you than anything else.
  • Highly intellectual conversation and communication skills extremely impress you.
  • Systematic and well mannered lifestyle influences you.
  • Personality, way of talking, effective thought process, and adaptability matter more than money for you.

Final Say

So, after reading today’s post: What is Sapiosexual? Your all doubts must have cleared. Let me clear one more thing that sexual orientation is totally a personal matter and all points mentioned above are just educational purposes. We recommend you to consult with your doctor and specialist to find more about your own sexual orientation.



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