ShemarooMe launches Box Office to release new movies directly on Digital

Inks tactical partnership with BookMyShow to cater to entertainment lovers


Shemaroo has united up with BookMyShow to sell online access to films previous to their rights are sold to subscription video-on-demand and TV channels, the company announced in a press release on Wednesday. ShemarooMe, the company’s streaming service, will be selling access to view these films on a transactional video-on-demand (TVOD) basis. The company has given name to this new platform “ShemarooMe Box Office”, suggestive of Hotstar’s Multiplex launched in June. But unlike Hotstar, films releasing on ShemarooMe will be sold, as has been the standard for COVID-driven direct-to-video releases in markets like the US.

Can TVOD work in India? Check on some facts;

This distinction is important, as it lets producers go around the theatrical window throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and still remain their options open for subscription-based streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video and Hotstar. But one thing to note here is that this model is dubious to attract any big ticket Bollywood releases — TVOD releases are not considerable in India like they are in developed countries.

In India, which has a portion of the TVOD platforms that are accessible in the US, the chance from releasing films this way is limited to driving marketing buzz for a film earlier than selling streaming or broadcast rights. And there’s the added challenge of receiving big-ticket films in an environment where the multiplex and film theatre industry is bullying film producers with consequences for releasing their movies straightly on SVOD platforms. The films that ShemarooMe has announced for its Box Office exemplify this challenge — My Client’s Wife was supposed to release in 2018, but didn’t; Scotland, another Hindi film, was before now finished in 2019 and was submitted to the Oscars, but not at all got a release; and The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story, already got a theatrical release in February 2019 in the US.

This difficulty isn’t new — even Reliance Jio, which announced a similar offering in September 2019, has not been able to turn over it out in spite of theatre closings yet. That service, “First Day First Show”, was supposed to release films at the same time as their big screen debut. If Reliance, with all its power, was not able to pull it off several months after the announcement, even with a pandemic, who can?

Have cinema at home with shemaroo

“ShemarooMe Box Office is balanced to create an ecosystem for small budget Bollywood and Regional movies that have an audience but narrow avenues to reach out to the viewers. To broaden the scope of relevant audience attain for such films, ShemarooMe has also inked a planned partnership with BookMyShow, India’s leading entertainment destination to make sure more cine-goers have access to the prosperous content made available by ShemarooMe,” the company said in a statement.

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ShemarooMe Box Office is the accurate platform which gives an opportunity to the producers, to not merely present their creations to a whole new set of audiences but also gives viewers a possibility to enjoy small budget, significantly acclaimed movies at the console of their homes. Viewers can book their tickets for these films by logging on or straight on the ShemarooMe App or Once booked, users can watch the film on ShemarooMe any number of times over 3 days from the booking period,” it said further.


Wait for the best to come; entertainment is must and our industry won’t wait for serving us the same.


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