PNG v/s JPG – Which Image Compressor is the Best to Choose?

The most demanding and using images format are mainly two types of digital imaging: JPEG or JPG and PNG format. When you choose photos for your site, it is about the contents in the images and the type of image format you are using. And in case, if you don’t have enough money to choose a premium design for your website, then you can end up with a negative review of your site. These negative reviews may include slow website speed or increase website bounce rates which can further result in bad conversion rates. It would be best if you read this blog once because it can help you get a final ruling that will be advantageous for you. Let’s begin to get understand the difference between both the terms.


What is PNG Format?

The term PNG stands for “Portable Network Graphics” that is known as “lossless” compression. Basically, it means after compression of the image, you will not see a compromise in the quality. PNG has been created as an improved version of GIFs, and it becomes the most common lossless image density format on the net.


What is JPEG & JPG Format?

The term JPEG stands for “Joint Photographic Expert Group” known for “lossless” firmness. You must have seen that digital photographs are saved in this forma by default. This is so because JPEG provides elaborated shades and color in a picture and that’s why used in the digital photography sector. “Joint Photographic Group” file type has created JPEG format to be a standard for the professional photographer.


Key Factors determine between JPEG & JPG Format.

In the category of images, there are many formats to be considered. No suspicions each structure has its strengths and weaknesses, but we should always wise when choosing the right design, which can be a great advantage. If you wonder about a difference between these two formats, then you must compare the compression algorithms.

Here are a few most important things to consider while choosing a perfect format of images

                            PNG                                                                         JPG/JPEG

1- PNG uses lossless algorithms that keep all the information. JPEG compression algorithm results in loss of little image information.
2- No quality change is seen in PNG images. Quality changes can be seen to be degrading.
3- The size of the file will usually be large. JPEG image sizes can be both large and small.
4- PNG mostly used when creating or alternating images. Such as cartoons or animated images. JPEG provides excellent compression with minimal in the perceived image quality.
5- EXIF data embedding is not supported. EXIF data embedding is supported.
6- PNG is best for created images, Graphs & pictures with text. Example- Screenshot. JPEG is much better for Photographs.
7- PNG format supports transparency by adding an “alpha channel” another 8 bit per pixel. JPG format does not support transparency.
8- The compression ratio of images can be up to 4:1 in with many colors. The compression ratio of images can be up to 50x in JPEG.
9- This uses a ubiquitous lossless algorithm known as a ZIP. JPG format uses a lossy algorithm.
10- PNG supports 256 color and monochrome images. It supports actual color or a palette of 16 million colors.
11- PNG files’ quality is much higher than JPEG files. But usually, it is more generous in size, and they responsible for slow down your website. JPEG files can be smalls which can always increase the speed of a website.




Conclusion –

From the above comparison points, you must have noticed some drawbacks and some advantages are given in both JPEG and PNG formats. So, as you can see above given verdict comparison, definitely lots of differences are there. PNGs use a lossless compression ratio and have a few other advantages, such as transparency and color palettes. While JPGs uses a lossy solidity ratio and are entirely intuitive out of a constraint that existed by the previous version of Window or DOS. The fact is that now days, PNGs are considered to be the most common image format after JPEG.




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