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With Narendra Modi’s ‘vocal for local’ idea, several startups are working on Indian versions of popular apps such as Zoom, WhatsApp, TikTok, among others. Keeping this in mind one app Mitron, developed by IIT Roorkee student Shivank Agarwal and Roposa — created by a Gurgaon based developer.


About Mitron and some imp points to note

The Mitron app is at present available only on Google Play store, but has received 5 million downloads. It’s straight competition to TikTok, so much so that the UI of the app is precisely the same as TikTok. The video style, the same tracks, the same videos, the same camera design, everything is parallel to TikTok except for the bugs.

At least some exclusive touches would have been great to offer Indian users and the Mitron app undoubtedly misses out on this aspect.

If you have used TikTok, there is no learning implicated in how to go about creating and sharing videos using the Mitron app. probably that’s the reason why people are downloading and using the app thinking it to an Indian version of the TikTok developed by Bytedance, the Chinese internet conglomerate.

As per google play store, Mitron is a free Short Video and Social Platform. It is designed for people to showcase their inventive videos in line with our theme of light comedy. Mitron provides an easy and faultless interface for users to create, edit, and share their videos and at the same time look through through a library of top videos diagonally the globe.

The app within a month of its initiate has crossed over 50 lakh downloads on Google Play flattering one of the most popular Apps in the country within a month time. Within a month of release Mitron is giving a tough rivalry to TikTok,.

Mitron app vs TikTok:

Can Mitron become an Indian substitute to TikTok?

TikTok application is one of the trendiest applications in India. The app has a sharp increase in its user base with over 600 million users in the country. Nevertheless, with the recent TikTok vs YouTube debate, the app has seen a unexpected influx of negative reviews on the Google Play Store.

Mitron vs TikTok: User Interface

The Mitron application comes with a parallel user interface as seen in TikTok. The design and templates used in the application look like to the one present in TikTok. For example, when you go to the home page, you will have options like Home, Discover, Create, Inbox and Profile. The same outline is present in the TikTok application as well. You also get the profile name, like, comment and share button on the right side and the icons are like to the one present in TikTok. Furthermore, TikTok allows users to see the content from the Following and For You section, which is not there on Mitron.

Mitron vs TikTok: Features

Talking about the features, the Mitron application still lacks a host of essential features. The app comes with a lot of bugs and it is tricky to post a video on the platform. We tried to post a video on the application but failed every time as moreover the app crashed or it brought back to the same menu. Still, with few attempts, we were able to post a video on the application.


Talking about the options, the Mitron app provides quite essential features to customize the video. You only have an alternative to add Audio in the video. The audio is also limited and there is no option to search for diverse tracks on the application. Furthermore, the app does not hold any other video editing feature like crop, filters, and more. TikTok, on the other hand, provides a excess of options to customise the video. Users can choose from hundreds of effects including changing background, adding AR Emojis and more.


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