Instagram Reels is now rolling, How to Create TikTok-Style Videos

Good news is for all who love making tiktoks and who love watching it for entertainment.

Ban of Chinese app including tiktok was a good descicison but the tiktokers were suffering another side of this. But no more sadness because there is a big good news  Instgaram Reels – yes now Instagram is having all new additional feature where you can make vedios like tiktok.

Reels are best Replacement

Talking about business than Instgaram is huge and every one this as it is now owned by one how made facebook so in all they have millions of users who area ctive on both.

 Adding to this Now that TikTok has been forbidden, Instagram Reels has the opportunity to grab the market and hearts of viewers and users ad well and on top of that to become its most popular replacement. 

We’ve already seen apps made by Indian developers, such as Mitron and Chingari, try to capture the TikTok audience and now the big guns are stepping in.But we know gram is huge so chill.

Now let me tell you how to make reels or say how one can use this feature reels on Instagram.
  • First, you need to have Instagram Application installed on mobile obviously.


  • Open the application – Instagram (kindly make sure the app is updated one)


  • It is simple and easy, Now you need to click on top left side corner camera icon having options when you tap that.


  • Post this second step is to select reels though you will see live and story option too but you select reel.


  • Then you have to keep in mind tap the big white circle icon. The same one button lets you stop recording too.


  • It comes with 15 seconds time limit.


  • If you wish than you can attach a few effects via icons on the left side. To alter video recording speed the right arrow icon which looks like the play button. You can record videos in slow motion at up to 0.3x or speed them up to 3x.


  • Instagram Reels also allows you to set a three-second timer ahead of recording any clip. Tap thetimer icon on the left and set the duration for your clip (0.1 to 15 seconds) and tap Set Timer.


  • You can also add music to it by tapping the music icon on the left. You can insert your music in background with available music on browser and you can also post the already recorder one you are having in gallery with some spefic features like time and all on reels.


  • Points we should note are – Timers, which are limited 15 second. Some effects that were in tiktoks may will be missing. TikTok allowed you only a specific 30-second clip for each song.


Thanks for reading. Enjoy making, sharing and liking all the new reel feature of instagram.

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