Impact Of Corona on Environment Due To Measures Taken

In a matter of days, the world has been changed so is the population. Thousands of people have by now died, and hundreds of thousands more have fallen ill, from a coronavirus that was formerly unknown before appearing in the city of Wuhan in December 2019. For millions of others who have not trapped the disease, their entire way of life has changed by it.

Coronavirus is bringing major impact on Environment not one in one country all who are now infected with this virus. I used to read news which is showing bit positivity too so while going through the same I got some interesting facts and news of Corona impact on Environment.

Here  are some brief stats

  • The streets of Wuhan, China, are isolated after authorities implemented a strict lockdown. In Italy, the most wide travel restrictionsare in place since World War Two. In London, the normally busy pubs, bars, malls and cinema have been closed and people have been told to stay in their homes. Globally, International –national both flights are being cancelled or turning around in mid-air, as the aviation industry buckles.


  • It is all designed at controlling the spread of Covid-19, and with anticipation reducing the death toll. But all this alteration has also led to some unpredicted consequences. As industries, transport networks and businesses have blocked down, it has brought a unexpected drop in carbon emissions. Compared with this time last year. The levels of pollution in New York have reduced by nearly 50% because of affects of measures to contain the virus.

Here  are some stats for India

  • India‘s capital is one of the world’s most polluted cities, but its skies have turned blue and several people can see the Himalaya Mountains for the first time. Also in Italy’s Venice, in the meantime, canal water is so plain fish can be easily seen.


  • All this is an unexpected upside of the coronavirus crisis that has proved global air quality can be dramatically improved – and fast.


  • The change has been created by lockdowns that have blocked flights and close factories. But environmentalists warn it could be for short-term.


  • Climate talks have been overdue to next year because of the outbreak. There are worries countries could priorities human and economic welfare previous to that of the environment.


  • Lowered pollution is playing major role –

    Transport- vehicles makes up 23% of the world’s global carbon emissions. But thankfulness to airports closing and companies like Emirates grounding their flights. There are a lesser amount of planes in the sky, meaning a lot less air pollutants and greenhouse gases being emitted.



  • The Venice canals are clearer than ever –

    Italy may be facing from some of the most horrible cases of corona but possibly a small conquest for the country is that the canals of Venice now brag crystal clear waters. Numerous people have posted photos to a Facebook group called Venezia Pulita (literally translating to Clean Venice). Where people post gorgeous images of the water, which are now populated with little dish, and inspirational messages.


  • Another appealing effect in the Europe environment has been a noteworthy reduction in air travel. In Europe, air traffic has taken a serious drop.



  • This is appreciably improving air quality and dropping pollution in the skies above many countries of the world. With smaller quantity planes buzzing around, issues associated with contrails and exhaust emissions are lessening.


  • Somewhere in the region of 67 million fewerpassengers flew in the first three months of 2020 to any year earlier. Flight operators and policymakers are still trying to figure out how horrifying it will get over the next few months too.


  • Many airlines are canceling ever more of their flights. As the virus spreads around the world. For this reason, the IATA has predicted that the industry could be in for a loss of$113 billion this year as a result.


  • Emissions from coal combustion are declining in China

    Yet another impact on the environment as an outcome of coronavirus is the marked drop in coal consumption. This has contributed, in no little part, to the drop in air pollutants in places like China.

  • Not only is this civilizing air quality in the regions affected. But it is dropping the number of airborne pollutants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxides.
  • China is, presently, one of the major producers and consumers of coal. It is estimated that they consumed around 59% of it for their energy needs in 2018. It helps runs much of its industry. Infacts It is also use as a domestic fuel source for many of its citizens.
  • China’s major coal-fired power stations saw a 36%drop in utilization between February and March this year. (According to CREA analysis of WIND data.)

With citizens of country stuck at home, the pandemic has had some impacts on the environment as well and above are the glimpse of same.

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