How to plan a visit to St. Croix on a budget ? 2020 Guide


If you want to enjoy the fresh warmth of the sun, the sound of the tickling waves and sip of the cold drink for your vacation, then you must look no further than St. Croix. This is amongst the largest of the Virgin Islands in the U.S. and is essentially a place to enjoy, chill out and have some downtime on your own or with your loved ones.

If you just want to enjoy and don’t have to spend much money on a vacation, then St. Croix is the place to be. This was once a volcanic island now covered in lush and pleasing beaches, beautiful mountains, palm trees, and authentic colonial towns. You can explore the island in your free time and enjoy some beautiful monuments of Danish Architecture which has now become a part of this island’s incredible heritage.


Plan your trip well ahead

It does not do well to only save up some money just before you leave your house, but in the case of St. Croix, you would not need to worry much. Do the packing lightly and bring a carry-onsuitcase with you. Do not bother to bring a checked suitcase, as it will save up $25 at the airport. Some of the things that you can have as part of the itinerary include,

  • Having a pair of sandals or flip-flops, sneakers will also work fine.
  • Pack an inexpensive snorkeling gear, or you can even rent one at shops near Christiansted or Frederiksted for $25 per day.
  • Pack up a UV filtered shirt with you just in the case whilst in the water is much recommended. It will save you from unnecessary burns during water sports.
  • Another very important thing is to book a rental car well in advance of your trip because the place is visited by many and you might get stranded.


Transportation is a cinch

Whilst you are in St. Croix, you get all the options to consider during your traveling. One of the most convenient ways to travel would be through taxis. These taxis do not ply by the parking meter charges, so you need to be a bit aware of it. Their charges mostly depend upon the amount of luggage, travel zones, and some service fee.

Another option that you can take is the rental car service, but you need to be wary of the road signs since they are not too clear, and some of the roads are even double-marked. If you are visiting for the first time, better to have a taxi around as an inexpensive and good option.


Foodie’s Delight

Once you reach the island, you can visit the local market and stock up for provisions. You can grab up the staple food for breakfast, some items for dinner and some for snacks. While you are out exploring, you can go visit a restaurant and have some lunch to stay on the budget. On Saturdays, La Reine sets up a special Farmers’ Market which is next to Chicken Shack where you can pick up a lot of vegetables, fruits, eggs, meats, honey, etc.

If you don’t want to take this route, you can always order online from there through the website called V.I. Locally Grown Market. You can pick up your orders on Wednesday in Frederiksted or on Saturdays near downtown Christiansted on Company Street. Locals and visitors alike can avail of this facility.

You can also visit the amazing food trucks where they serve delicious barbeque which is sumptuous. Even if you want to have staple meals, then you can always look out for local food trucks there. The meals are very much economical and you can just sit down, relax, and enjoy a delicious meal.

Traveler’s Delight

St. Croix is full of surprises and it’s a mixed bag for both the introverts and extroverts. You can visit the famous Christiansted National Historic Site which consists of famous structures that include Fort Christiansvaern. The structure is completely constructed out of Danish bricks in 1749 and it once formed a layer of protection from the pirates, revolts, and unnatural weather conditions to its citizens. You can even bask in the beauty of the glorious ocean through its walls.

You can also visit the beautiful Protestant Cay which is a small islet located in Christiansted Harbor, towards the north of Christiansted. The area consists of a lavish resort, a nice beach, and a restaurant/bar that is open for the public. If you want to enjoy and interact with people and just do something over there, that is the place you must go to. You can even enjoy water sports there like snorkeling, kayaking, sail-boating, and so on.


you can visit the beautiful Buck Island National Reef Monument which is spread across 19,000 acres of coral reefs throughout the island. You can even go snorkeling over there and follow through the underwater trail that is marked throughout the sea gardens.

Also, if you decide to visit the island from 1st September through 1st May, then you should not miss the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge Beach located at Frederiksted. This gorgeous beach stretches across miles and miles and is truly a delight to see it. The beach is open on weekends for free of charge from 10am to 4pm. The beach and the wildlife preserve contains a salt marsh which is considered to be a winter home for multiple migrating and local birds and is even a nursery for many fishes.

But one of the main attractions that you should look out for is the Leatherback Sea Turtles which are amongst the largest sea turtles there are. The sandy beach is one small stretch of the island where there are no coral reefs, which is why every summer these turtles come home to lay their young ones during the night.

Sandy Point mainly consists of the largest living population of these Leatherbacks among all of the United States. These are also considered to be amongst the endangered species In the world and scientists have been working relentlessly to save their population for over 30 years now.

Apart from these,

you can just enjoy the scenic views of the beaches at times when it is open, and you should not forget to pack up your sunscreen, a hat or a rashguard when you go there, because there is no shade there. Also, it is prohibited to take beach umbrellas there, because when you dig the umbrellas into the sand, there are chances that you could harm the Leatherback turtle nests present there.

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Hiker’s Delight

St Croix is essentially full of spots for hiking and you can enjoy them with a group of people or even alone. You would be able to find some information on the popular hiking trails on the island’s hiking association website as well. Here you can opt for group hikes which are available for visitors for $10.

You can even enjoy a guided hike if you want to learn and explore more about the island. People would be able to find some information on the Christiansted and Frederiksted walking tours. You can even take help from some of the St. Croix locals if you are on an individual hiking trail. Some of the popular hiking trails that you can follow include,

  • Jack Bay and Isaac Bay – East End.
  • Goat Hill Hiking – East End.
  • Carambola Beach Resort to North Bay – North Shore Hikes.
  • Hams Bluff Lighthouse – West End.



As we have seen above, St. Croix is a delightful place to visit and that too on a budget by having an economical living spot, a good amount of food, and some of the most wondrous places to visit and enjoy. It is truly a place that you can enjoy to your heart’s content.



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