How to Get WiFi Password on iPhone 2020

 Discover Wi-Fi Password with Router Settings

For users who are using the original iOS devices, they can effortlessly view the saved Wi-Fi password with Router Settings. The steps are just uncomplicated like below:

  • Go to “Settings” -> “WLAN” and you can observe the network names. Choose (i) icon near the one you want to get password for and then copy the Router IP address.


Click and open your Safari and type the IP address to unlock the login panel page like below.

  • Then you can login with the default user and password details. If the admin doesn’t work, you can also Google the password with particular Router model name.
  1. By using iCloud Keychain Sync to View iPhone Wi-Fi Password

iCloud Keychain is also an substitute method to check and retrieve Wi-Fi password on iPhone that is already forgotten. The reason behind this is if you use the identical iCloud account on iPhone and Mac, all the data will be synced connecting the devices. To use this element or say feature, we need to follow the following steps:

  • Open and click “Settings” app on iPhone and then next go to iCloud, tap on Keychain to roll on this feature.
  • Back to “Settings” and then on the “Personal Hotpot”.
  • Next Open your Mac and join it to iPhone’s Personal Hotpot.
  • Then Use CMD + Space key to open “Searchlight” on your Mac. Then type in “Keychain Access” in the search box and hit “Enter”


Enter the name of the network and then tick the checkbox next to the “Show password” option.

If you also set a password on your Mac, there will be pop-out windows requesting you to enter the password for the admin account, so follow the same and type the password and click “Allow”. Now the Wi-Fi password should emerge in the text box next to Show Password.

By using NetworkList to witness the WiFi Passwords

This is an additional option that should be accessed through Cydia.

  • Start on the Cydia app, hit on the search box and then write in the phrase “NetworkList”.
  • After Downloading the app and get is installed on the device.
  • When prompted, tap on the alternative labeled “Restart Springboard”. You can make out that your home screen restarts.
  • Then, you should go off to the “Settings” app and open “WLAN”. You can then witness the option “Known Networks” on the list.
  • After that tap on the said option and see the passwords that are applicable to the WiFi networks connected.

Well, those are the two options you can try if you need to find WiFi password on jailbroken iPhone. Though, there are quite a few other options you can attempt if you need to find WiFi Password on iPhone. But search most of those apps work only on jailbroken devices. Jailbroken devices are frequently more defenseless to a variety of threats. Also, Apple’s warranty on your iOS device ends if you jailbreak the device. So, as an iPhone user, you should uncover a way to attain the password without using jailbreaking.

Summing up and well, these were some hacks that how you can find WiFi password on iPhone. You can use the default options or the professional solution we have mentioned and start accessing the network again.



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