How to Forget People You Loved and Move on With Life

Love someone is easy but forgetting the one whom you loved like you life is not easy, it’s game of head & heart wear the souls always take your pain.But hope of light is good to start for this difficult task I must say. Losing someone you thought was your forever person may leave you feeling blindsided, and your first instinct might be to try to get back with them. IN between some time you cry ,you feel lonely and find yourself helpless But the other side you definitely want to get over this person. Which is the first step so congrats), there can still be a long road ahead for you it’s over, smile because it happened. Life is not just about love of beloved it is book of chapters like family you have,  work you do, friends you make & individuality you have In fact, there are a number of steps you can take to get out of this funk faster and get on your way back to a happier, healthier place in life

Firstly stop talking to the individual you want to forget

The first key step is to stop communicating with him or her. Don’t anticipate to get them out of your head if you are communicating with them, even in a apparently insignificant way

Remove online social networks

It may become impossible for you to forget your ex if you keep finding her updates in your social media feed or see his/her tweet in your Twitter feed every time you log in. Deleting them from your friend list, follower list and blocking them on all promising online social networks is a must. Read Also : Some Silly & Serious Questions Which Hit The Heard In This Quarantine

Try to keep yourself active with a work or studies

Taking the remembrance of someone out of your mind and life is as easy is occupying yourself in a hectic work or study routine. Create a condition where you have to rush to work early in the morning and return home at or around bedtime. The key is to keep you busy from morning to night. You should be left exhausted by the time you reach home and the only thing on your intellect should be a good night’s nap

Dissolve all your personal belongings that remind you of the person you want to forget

Dissolve everything that is a memento of the person you are badly trying to forget. The more you hang on to such knick knacks, the more complicated it will be for you to get rid of reminiscences of that person.. There is a reason why people give gifts and it is because gifts are a steady reminder of the individual who has given them. The only practical choice you have is to throw them away or to dissolve them

If needed move houses for a fresh start in life

Move houses if you are in a phase of life where you can sensitively, physically and economically afford to move A new house will mean a fresh start to life. You will have new environment to familiarize with, new people to meet, new places to visit, new supermarkets to shop at and most importantly, an atmosphere that does not have a single trace of the people you want to eliminate from your life

Don’t return to the places that you frequented with him or her

Stop receiving nasty reminders of people’s nonexistence in your life by not visiting the places you frequented with them.  The mind strongly links people with places. Going to a place like this again may mess up all your efforts of forgetting a certain someone and you may have start all over again.

Travel – can make a difference

Traveling can be a helpful way of forgetting someone without having to try too hard. Breathing the air of a different place, gathering new people and bearing in mind new places may give you the jumpstart you need to refresh your mind. Traveling will introduce a mix of feelings and long journeys on trains, planes and buses will give you a lot of time to introspect, many new places to see and plenty of new experiences is waiting for you

Share your feelings with a companion or a respected

one Every individual’s mind works in special ways and there are some people who just have to let things off their chests before they can move on. If you think you’re one of them, clear all the bottled up emotions and feelings by sharing your heartbreak with a friend or a loved one who is a good listener.

Never force yourself to overlook someone

If there were a few words of recommendation that would be almost unfeasible to master, these would be it. Forcing yourself to forget someone will potentially re-enforce their memory in your mind.

Think of the harmful impact of holding on

Think about the negative impact and the damage you are causing yourself every instance you think of him or her. Sooner or later you will realize that it is just not worth holding on to the memory of a individual who left you or did not care for you.

Time heals all wounds & don’t expect overnight changes

Allow yourself abundance of time to forget someone. Trying to forget a individual you loved from deep down inside or removing all the memories of your fiancée from your mind is something that can take months, if not years.

Give your head, heart and soul the time and liberty to reduce and remove all traces of the people you are trying to forget.

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The more you read, the more you will learn. The more you will learn, the more you will grow beautifully. Because we only have one life, so enjoy every moment and aim to grow beautifully in your life. Therefore, read as much as you can, chances are high that you will not have a second chance to live this life to the fullest level. Always remember, only stories give the second chance but life does not- Happy Reading..!

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