How to Fix Lag in Pubg Mobile

Gaming is a full of fun and have social interaction with other people to spend time, encourages teamwork and develop their skills. The online gaming is more streaming in today’s world and the most popular gaming app up till now is Pubg which is also known as Player Unknown’s Battleground and today we are discussing about it.

About PUBG

Pubg is a popular term which you’ve generally heard about. It is an online video game  which is multiple players battle game famous over the world and people generally got addicted toward it. They generally play this game  in their quality time period. It is one of the youngest game played till date. The Pubg is the royale battlefield which players compete with each other to conquer the new level. It is a modern game of modern scenario which made children lazy and inactive in day to day life. They are continously avoiding their physical and adapting a unhealthy life.

It is a highly competitive and computerized game which offers you to play in single, dual or to play in a squad of four people.

It provides best graphic than other games, the most important thing to pay attention  on the specification of processor and amount of RAM for your device to play with smooth and high end graphics.

If your smartphone device is not capable of running or gaming Pubg Mobile smoothly due to some compatibility and lack of specifications issue, then you need to switch your device or upgrading it. Pubg was banned in some countries as youth had been crazy for Pubg and they tried to committed sucide and it is developed by the Bluehole of South Korea.

PUBG mobile lag fix Android

In android phone it need 2GB ram of android 5.11 or the other lastest version of it. It is one of the best game which we can play on a android. Pubg mobile have a lot of interesting actions for the players who play this game and which is highly commendable. Android have good game launcher on their phone which improves the performance of gaming in it. They have also worked on battery optimization while playing games.

 Clear Storage

Clear Android device Cache data in order that your smartphone are going to be free from unwanted data.

Stop all background apps

Background apps are completely responsible for your lag in pubg mobile . So without any further delay, force stop them so that they may not eat more of your memory and storage.

PUBG Mobile Fix Lag in Android by Force 4x MSAA

There are various ways to remove the lag in Pubg . Which is as follows that with the help of GPX tool. A tool of availavle in Google Play Store which helps you to unlock 60 FPS inside game and to force  4X MSAA . An option that is given by Android developer which is hidden if you make mistake in that settings.

You can try this as it is safe to use and help you to play the game smoothly or to uninstall the unnecessary application on your mobile to improve the functionality of the phone.

Although, you can install a Game Booster which provides the support the game or to clean up the internal memory of mobile to work efficiently. It also repair and reinstall PUBG mobile for the trouble . It caused and disables the application which is running on the background. This also allows to free up the unnecessary space and to turn off unnecessary services.

It stablizes the the right graphics settings, disable the mic when there is no need . Choose a right server, use a good ISP (Internet Service Provider) and disables the battery optimization.

Use the BAGT tool to work upon your game experience and any other problems faced during gaming

How to activate Force 4x MSAA

Open your setting and go for About Phone option.

Tap the Builder number there around 8-10 times.

Now your developer option will be appear.

In the settings, you will easily find the developer’s option.

Tap on developer option and click on activate developer option confirmation.

Locate Force 4x MSAA there and activate it on.

Finally restart your smartphone.



PUBG mobile lag fix IOS

In iPhone, they don’t have any specific gaming features in it. The optimization makes it available and good battery backup which make up for completely research on the experience of other smartphone for gaming. They have new chipset and good GPU which runs Pubg’s max setting by default that’s why it is recommended for one of gaming phone. It has one of the best technology to be used for gaming purpose by default.


How to clear Cache data on IOS

Cache data is a reason by which your smartphone becomes slower and results in gaming lag.

Go for settings and tap on general.

Head towards Iphone storage option.

Find the app which is using your maximum memory and storage.

Clear it’s whole storage for removing cache and temporary files.

When you cleared cache of your iPhone app, it’s going to be faster, smooth with no lag in pubg.


Delete Apps that you simply don’t use

Most of the users download many apps and don’t even use them, also, they never deletes them; So, uninstall all the Apps that you simply don’t use and that would be beneficial if you uninstall or delete those unwanted apps now.

Nowadays, more than 89% people play game out of which 60% people play Pubg. Not even boys but girls do play Pubg and became one of the most steaming games in the world. As people play they even forget to spend the time with their family and we should understand that Play game is not a bad things but if you are ignoring your family’s hapiness is not good thing at all because of which many relationship had broken as they don’t have time to spend. They enjoy quality time by spending on the phone by Pubg all day which will even affect the eyes as phone had radiation vibes which is harmful to health. I’m not opposing about Pubg but making you understand that all the Pubg is not good thing especially in youth we find the craze for Pubg.

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