How to Find the song name without knowing the lyrics

There are times when we hear amazing songs but don’t know the song name or lyrics. However we instantly fall in love with that song. I am sure it happened with everyone at least for once. Especially it happened with young people because young people have craze for songs more than the older generation.Thankfully we live in this era when many app launchers help us to find any song without knowing the lyrics. With those apps we can find our songs.  So let’s see How to Find the song name without knowing the lyrics.


Method-1: Google Search

It’s my favourite tool for searching any song. I personally prefer this tool. That’s why some people claim it’s a Genius tool. Google Search is a perfect way to find out a song that you exactly want to hear.

It’s really easy and simple. All you have to do is just go to Google Search. Type the lyrics and most of the time you find a track with details. It takes a few minutes but provides you the song which  you’re looking for?


Method-2: Ask Siri or Alexa

We all know Alexa and Siri. Nowadays this tool has become our regular companion. It has a great contribution for our virtual life. Like many apps we can find our song through it. Just mention the lyrics in front of Alexa & Siri and get your desired song that already goes your mind crazy.


Method-3: Soundhound

Soundhound originally known for music search engine tools. Where people just type the lyrics and get any song. Infact, Soundhound has two versions for users. One IOS device and Android Devices Or two is Desktop Version which is named Midomi.


If any song stuck in your mind and you can’t find it because you don’t know the name of the song it’s really annoying you. So Soundhound tools always try to help you for searching a desired song.  Just Give your voice on Soundhound and say what song is this? Then your job is done. It has a great quality that is it can identify any song. So we don’t have to spend much time on it.


Method-4: MusicID

MusicID is an android app. MusicID is created for music lovers especially who can’t remember the lyrics or song name. Moreover this is much easier. All you have to do is hold your music playback and open the MusicID tool. Give it a few seconds while your playback song will be compared to its database. Literally You can see the name of the song with lyrics on your own.

Besides helping you to find an amazing track, MusicID also acts as a site. This is a song-search app rather than an app that seeks tracks. In addition to Android, dedicated software are now available for other platforms. So you can use the form, free of charge, if you can’t find the right song using another application. I think people want a simple app rather than one that is full of options. Giving MusicID a shot if you’re one of them.


Method-5: Shazam

Most people are familiar with one tool that is Shazam. Shazam is very popular among the youth. Shazam not only uses the song name but also provides the youtube link. I find it very interesting. Shazam gives you the song history also.

Shazam is available for IOS and Android Mac, and Windows users. Through this tool you can hear songs if you want then you can purchase it. Shazam would hear the song and give all detail, including the singer, title and album, that you may need to remember. It is incredibly amazing.

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Now here is the conclusion part of our article. I try to provide authentic information on How to Find the song name without knowing the lyrics. With the help of this article you guys know Soundhound and MusicID are quite similar but obviously have different features. On the other hand, I shared my  personal opinion and favourite tool for searching a song and other purposes. It’s actually a site of the band, which is full of music lovers. There would indeed be someone who can help you if you do not have an idea about a specific track.

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