How to Do a Reverse Image Search In simple steps


You might know about the reverse image search or this might be a new term to you. Is it right? No issue, as this article will brief you completely about the reverse image search. You can click a picture and upload it and Google will help to give the result of similar images. The people who work in media mainly use the reverse image search to find the actual source of the picture. Nowadays, it has been noticed that some dishonest persons are using the pictures of other photographers, without taking their consent. So, photographers can use it to get relevant information and find out who is using his/her pictures without your permission.


Search Engine result by Images

Let us see what exactly Google’s search images are. Let me tell you that this feature is only available on desktop or laptops. Mobile users can’t use it. So, if you need to check the authenticity of any images, which some has sent you on your WhatsApp or social media site, it is not possible. You have taken that picture from your mobile to the desktop and then only you can perform the task.

You can even carry outsearches on reverse image on your smartphone with reverse photos. Press the upload picture and select any picture from your gallery. You will get an option Show Matching Images. Press that. After few moments, you will be able to view the images that are related to the picture of yours.


Image search and privacy

On a daily basis, we get various pictures on our Whatsapp or social media sites. Have we ever realised, who created it of what is the source of these pictures. On matrimonial sites, at most times people tend to open a fake account. With the help of these apps, you tend to see other similar images. Social media sites like Facebook and Tinder are using search by image to examine the profile pictures, cover photos, etc. Nowadays, there are so many fake accounts and so many hackers, to protect us, we use reverse image search. This is really a helpful one.

The images which you upload on Facebook or Instagram are hosted on the Google cloud. No other users will be able to discover it. After you upload the pictures, the image will be deleted at its own from the online cloud storage.

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How will you perform the reverse image search?

  • Take your smartphone, open the link
  • Give a description of the picture which you want to search.
  • Press the search button.
  • Select the picture which you have chosen from the search result.
  • Simply, click the picture.
  • You can view all the similar pictures of your product.


With the Help of Google Lens, How can you Search an Image?


With the introduction of Google Lens, we can get the more authentic information.

  • Open the Google app on your mobile.
  • Press updates, which is at the left side of the corner.
  • Either you can upload a photo stored in your gallery or you can click a fresh picture by opening your camera.
  • For instance, if you click a picture of a pen on Google lens, you will get various options of similar pens. Same you can upload your pic, you can view similar pics of the material which you have uploaded.
  • If Google Lens gets confused with the object which you have given her to identify, it will try its best to give you the result.
  • Remember one thing, Google Lens uses for your product and that is stored for 7 days. It will not be there permanently.


Bing Visual Search on Mobile

We all know that Bing collaborates with Microsoft. Therefore, it is an authentic website. Visit the site, which looks exactly like a camera. Click a picture of you may upload a picture from the drive and the search engine will show you various results. You can use Bing on your mobile also. The setup is similar. You have to give permission to Bing to access the camera. In almost every alps, this permission comes. The same process will come. You can view alike images which you have uploaded.




Reverse Image Apps is a useful thing. With the help of it, you can get to know, whether anybody is using your pictures illegally or not.

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