How To create Twitter Bot In Simple Steps And Some Facts


Twitter bot is a type of bot software that controls a Twitter account via the Twitter API. The bot software may in parallel perform actions such as tweeting, re-tweeting, also liking, following, unfollowing, or direct messaging other accounts.

How To create Twitter Bot Steps

Initiate by – create a Twitter account

Your bot will make actions on this account. If you already have a Twitter account or if you want to split the bot from your personal account, create a new one with a Gmail address. It is significant to use Gmail since you will need a Google account later.

Account details

  • Organization – Select this option if your bot will be tied to an organization. You’ll require entering some details about your organization such as its website URL, primary country of operation, where the majority of its customers are located, and industries you serve.
  • Personal use – Select this alternative if your bot is simply a side project.


Step 2: Ask for a developer account

Foremost, we require getting access to the Twitter API.

Go on and ask for a developer account. Twitter need to identify how you will use its API. You can visualize why. So fill all the fields of the form.
You will have to clarify why you ask for a developer account. Be truthful, except you want to interfere in elections.

When ended, you will have to wait little days for Twitter to accept. It is not the funniest part, I have the same opinion. It took me one day to have my developer account accepted.

Make a Twitter app

Now you have your developer account, click on the “Create app” key.

Then, you have to describe an app name and explain what it does. As I love politics, I will decide to make a bot which Retweet all the tweets that contain the word “Frexit”, with or exclusive of hashtag. It allows one and all who follows the bot to see what people are saying about this subject on Twitter.

For the Website URL, which is required, just put the Twitter account link if you don’t identify what to fill it with.

Configure the bot

In the tab “Keys and token”, create Consumer API keys, Access token & Access token secret. Then, go on Twitter Bots App page and paste it on the exact fields. Connect to the app with your Google account of the bot.

Now enjoy!

Congratulations, you made your first Twitter bot

After knowing how to create here are some facts you should know and consider:

Things to know about bots on Twitter

About nine-in-ten tweeted links to trendy news aggregation sites (89%) were posted by bots, not individual users.

Two-thirds (66%) of all tweeted links were shared by assumed bots.

Suspected bots also accounted for 66% of tweeted links to sites paying attention on news and current events.

Among news and current events sites, those with political content saw the lowest proportion (57%) of bot shares.

A small number of tremendously active bots were accountable for a large share of links to important news and media sites. We found that the 500 most active supposed bot accounts were in charge for 22% of the tweeted links to trendy news and current events sites during the study period. By assessment, the 500 most active human users were responsible for a much minor share (an estimated 6%) of tweeted links to these outlets.

However you come to a decision to program your Twitter bot, be certain to follow the said steps completely and testing with different actions.

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