How to Blow Dry Your Hair at Home

After wrestling with our blow-dryer — exhausted arms and knotted hair — for far too long, we decided we need to bang one of those wonders off the list and figure out how to blow dry our hair like the hairstylists do. To guide us on our journey, we caught up with hair pro who are expert in doing this to get her expert advice on how to DIY the perfect blowout.


The perfect blowout starts by spraying your hair before any styling. “A primer sets your hair up to get the benefits from your styling product,” says Expert. “If you think of a painter and their canvas, they at all times prime their canvas before applying the paint to get the best outcome. Spray from the mid shaft to the ends of the hair. Then, choose a product that’s suitable for the look you’re going for.” If you’re going for a sleek style, you want to use something that’s a bit creamier or shinier like the Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum. For a more huge style, use a volume spray at your roots.


Pre-Dry Your Hair Now

Being a supporter in using the best ever way to get the best results, so start by pre-drying the hair with your blow dryer, “Use your hand to widen your hair and pull on it while you’re blowing with the tip of your blow dryer pointed down. If you have twisted hair, you want to use a lot of tension and really stretch your hair, and if you have finer hair, you just move the blow dryer back and forward and do it hands free. Do that until the hair is about 85 – 90 percent dry prior to you pick up a brush.”


Dividing Your Hair

Now make your part where you want it and divide from ear to ear — one section on the left, one on the right, and then the left over back of the head you want to put into four different sections.


Pick the Right Brush

it’s time to get down to dealing with the right tools.A round bristle brush is my pick because the larger the brush, the straighter the hair. The smaller the brush, the tighter the curls, so pick according to the outcome you’re going for.

 Blow Dry Your Hair Like a professional 

When it comes time to dry with your brush, Experts recommends starting in the front of your hair. If you have excellent hair and you start in the back, by the time you get to the front it’s tempting much dry, and you’ve set your hair up to be flat. It’s also important to focus more on the ends of your hair. A lot of times people will spend time and energy by going from the root to the tips of the hair, but for a fine-looking, polished blowdry you really just need to focus on the ends of the hair. Place your brush from the mid shaft to the end and then once it’s in there that tension will soft out the root at the same time.

If you want a smoother blow dry with refined ends, roll your hair in toward the face, covering your hair around your brush. A lot of times I see women drying their hair and they’re using a round brush, but the hair is not covering around the brush so the ends look frizzy, Expert says.

When you’re drying the back of the hair, it seems like everybody’s all the time killing themselves with their elbows up in the air, sweating, but if you really just take your hair from the back and pull it in the order of to the front, and you blow dry it in front of the face, it will spend a lot less energy and you’ll get a better polish to the ends. You won’t trust how much easier it is.”

Now Do Your DIY Blowout 

Once your salon-worthy blowout is done, Expert recommends setting your style with a light haze of flexible hairspray like the Matrix Total Results High Amplify Flexible Hold Hairspray.

 Now Make Your Blowout Last

So you’ve mastered the ideal blowout but a couple of days later it’s suddenly oily and less voluminous. Cue dry shampoo. Expert recommend trying the, Style + Protect Refresh & Go Dry Shampoo. Make a horseshoe shape parting on the top of your head from temple to temple and spray it right at the core, about 6 inches away from the hair. Next, brush it throughout your hair,” Expert advises. You can also follow up with a conditioner.

If your ends look a little dry, but you don’t want to coat on a serum because it’s too heavy, the dry conditioner is amazing because it leaves you with light freshness. Start from the mid shaft to the ends and spray briskly, and then brush through. Wondering if you can use both products at once? Yes, she says, as long you brush the products scrupulously between applications and concentrate the conditioner on your ends and shampoo at the roots.

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