Gadgets and Its Impact on your health

How much time do you spend watching your gadgets? Did you know that this activity may be damaging your health? According to the study, the excessive use of smart phones and tablets generates joint, eye, bone and ear discomfort. If you use gadgets continuously without any break, it make us habitual and lot of health issue we have to face.

  • Gadget is a very unclear concept among Internet users, despite the daily use of the term, we find very diverse and imprecise definitions.
  • 78% of Internet users acknowledge that the use of mobile devices has changed the family routine.
  • School work is by far the greatest perceived benefit.

How excess use of Gadget Impact health

Insomnia, anxiety and joint pain are the main consequences of the abusive use of the smart phone for our health.

Vision problems

The first problem is well known to mothers and fathers and perhaps the easiest to diagnose. It is none other than the vision problem. From an early age the excessive use of screens, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, computers or even television, causes our flickers per minute to decrease, leading to dry eyes, which leads to certain injuries, even ending in glaucoma if it occurs very long.

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Physical problems

When spending long periods of time in front of a screen is important. The back pain is the main problem that exit in the users who use gadgets in excess. The neck pain occurs in 52% of cases being the second most common condition. This is usually linked to poor posture when sitting in front of the screen, either because you are not aware of your body posture or because you have not received any kind of lesson about the best way to sit.

Neurological problems

They are perhaps the most serious and difficult to treat problems. Although there is no scientific evidence that video games can cause traditional epilepsy. They can lead to photosensitive epilepsy or PSE. A common form of epilepsy caused by repeated visual stimuli in regular patterns for a certain time and space.

Another neurological problem associated with screens is migraines, caused by concentration on a task, be it a video game or a simple Excel sheet, and staring at the screen for an excessive period of time. Its consequences are severe headaches that can last for several weeks, even become chronic.

Gadgets usage habits

According to Internet users, the Smartphone is the gadget with which they interact the most. 42% of them use smart phone for more than 2 hours a day. With the Tablet or iPad the interaction occurs for shorter periods of time and with the portable consoles it is usually for less than 60 minutes.

Since the Smartphone occupies the first place of use, making and receiving calls is the most frequently performed activity, followed by sending and receiving messages. Listening to music is the third most common activity, followed by looking for information and taking pictures.

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