Fix: Why does Spotify keep pausing on my Android

Spotify is much more than a simple song-listening platform. As a premium song-streaming platform, its library holds thousands of songs in a variety of genres.


Creating a playlist based on the choice of your favorite artist or album is also a fun part that Spotify offers you, and it is readily available on iPhones, Android, and Mac.


However, many users complain relentlessly about a bug that freezes your Spotify after the completion of every single song, and to fix this; you have to, again and again, click on the play button.


As listening to your songs while you cook, hang around with friends, or just before going to sleep is what you love to do, and this constant-pausing could be annoying.


Well, as many of you are facing this issue continuously, we decided to help you out with some of the most logical fixes that will help you to listen to your favorite list of songs uninterrupted.


Here in this article, we have listed down multiple levels of fixing your Spotify and one crucial hack that will debug the problem and enhance your experience.

Methods to fix your Spotify

Though masses face this issue, however, it is easily fixable in a pinch of time with the help of any of the following steps or a combination of them.


What’s the best part is that 80% of you will fix the issue with the help of the first few steps and wouldn’t need to go for what we called the “Ultimate Solution.”


Hence, we request you to go through these steps carefully and apply them one after the other.


Reboot your computer, phone, or tablet

Simply Switching-on and switching-off can remove this problem. Continuous usage slows down your device as it consumes the memory.


Reboot helps your device to start again, including all the other apps installed on it.

Turn on your Wifi or data settings.

First, ensure that your Wifi and Data settings to keep on the data on a sleep mode are turned on.

Spotify consumes data for every bit it plays, and it is very likely for it to turn off as soon as the lights turn out.

Clearing the app cache is a must.

Too much cache on your Smartphone could slow down your app. It is the case with almost every app installed on your phone, and Spotify is no exception.

To free some cache, go to Settings> Storage> Clear cache. If the cache is the only cause, your Spotify will start responding uninterruptable with the above step.


Disable battery saving modes

Power saver mode is useful, unusually when low on battery. It blocks many of your apps from running in the background, including music players, to expand your battery life.


For this, go to the Settings> Battery and tap on the battery optimization. Then click on the Spotify app and select Don’t Optimize.


Please, mark an exception for Spotify on third-party battery saving or memory cleaning apps as they don’t allow Spotify to run continuously.


Re-install the app

Many of you won’t even consider this an option, but sometimes it is just what you need to do.

Apps retain their primary data in the devices they were previously installed. Hence, it’s safe as an option. It’s like giving a re-run to the app.

Faulty Headphones

Faulted headphones sometimes interrupt the continuous playing of audio on your Spotify.


Without going into much detail of how this works, we will ask you to change the headphones and use the one that matches your device’s port-size.


Ultimate Hack to nullify Spotify continuous pausing

Well, if none of the above steps or their combinations works for you, then it is time for the one and the final step that will resolve the bug.


If your Spotify is still responding the same here is what you need to do:


1) Go to and log in to your account.

2) Click on the Account Overview page

3) Now click on “Sign out everywhere.”

With this, you will be forcefully logged out from all the other devices you logged in to Spotify. Now sign in again on your Smartphone or computer, and Spotify will behave bug-free.


We hope that until now your problem has been fixed.



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