Learn Ultimate Ways to Earn Money Online in India Without Investment

In day to day life, most of you heard an old adage, “Money Attracts Money”. Until a decade ago this old adage was quite relevant when internet services and smartphones were on their infancy level. But, with the progress of time things got changed dramatically. Now today what was tremendously difficult a decade ago, has now become quite simple. More specifically, the task of earning money online in India is one among many things that has simplified like never before.


At this point of time, the old saying “Money Attracts Money” is no more relevant. Say thanks to the internet which is not less than a greatest discovery of all time. Due to the fast internet services at pocket-friendly rates, one can attract money by online job in India too. Gladly, there are more than one way to earn money online in India. You can choose work that suits you most and start making a handsome amount of money while sitting in the drawing room with a cup of tea in your hand and eyes fixed on the computer screen.


Though a large number of people use internet service in India, sadly most of them don’t know how to earn money online in India. When I realized that many people are living with misconceptions about online money making jobs, I thought it would be a great idea to write on this topic. So, once again, I am here with another helping post for beginners who want to work online and make real money.

How to earn money online in India without investment?

I am more than happy to tell you that there are many simple but effective ways to earn money online in India. But, as the title of this post suggests, I am going to figure out only some of those internet based tasks that don’t require money (except minor fee) to earn money. Sounds crazy? Why not… every single penny matters a lot.


So, just have a quick look at the below mentioned tasks and check what suits best to your capabilities.


Freelance Content Writer

Do you love to play with words? Do you have passion for expressing yourself? If yes, then you can do wonders as being a freelance content writer. As the name suggests, all you have to do is just find and convince a client who can pay you for writing. You can take the help of many online job marketplace such as Freelancer.com, Fiverr, and Upwork. Note that the sign up process on most of such websites is free but you might have to pay a little fee for starting bidding.



Even If you have little technical knowledge and patience enough for waiting up to 6-12 months, blogging must be your first choice. You can think of blogging as a simple website on which you can publish contents explaining what and how things work. Buying a domain is the first step in the direction to start blogging. Then, you will have to buy hosting. With the help of Wordspress you easily can handle and manage your site. Godaddy is the best place from where you can buy both domain and hosting.


Affiliate Marketing

If you don’t fit in the above mentioned two jobs, worry not. If you are an admin or owner of any group on any social media platform you can start affiliate Marketing. All you need to do is just first get registered as an affiliate marketer. You can register yourself on Amazon, Flipkart, and eBay as a certified affiliate marketer. Then, you can create and share your own exclusive link in your groups. The more people will buy products or services through your link the more you will earn.


YouTube/Video Creation/Photography

The popularity of YouTube has broken all the previous records. Do you know why? Because it helps both viewers and video creators. How? Person who upload video, he/she gets money in return according to the number of ads being watched by viewers and links that are opened over his/her video. Similarly, you can share your captivating images or upload them on sites such as ShutterStock, iStock, and BigStock. Believe me, nothing could be more simple than selling your exclusive, unique, but beautiful pics in exchange of money.


How to earn money online in India for students?

Here comes the most exciting part of this post for college students. Whether you are doing a bachelor degree or master degree either in language, technology, law, business, or any stream, you have a reason to smile. Let me explain why. Be informed that the internet has a ton of opportunities to offer you so many part time jobs for earning money online in India. According to your educational specialty, you can pick up any job as mentioned below:


Translation Jobs

If you are learning any language course or already know any language, then you can help people to translate documents into another language. Luckily, translation jobs are not limited to any specific languages. Even if you know two languages Hindi and English, you can start earning right away. All you have to do is just Google out the potential clients who need an efficient translator like you. You can visit Nauri.com and Freelancing sites to get in touch with potential clients.


Web Development/Graphic Designers/Animation

These jobs best suit those brilliant guys who are doing their Master Degree in Computer Application, Computer Science, and learning coding. Just think, how much it will be beneficial for you if you get a chance to practice what you have already learned on ground level. Above all the best thing is you will get money for your work. Doing so will be like having the best of both worlds, isn’t it?


Online Teaching/ Online Tuition

In India a teacher is considered not less than a God. What if I tell you that you can work as a part time teacher? Feeling awesome! Yes, it is possible. If you have expertise in any subject, you are welcome to the world of online teaching jobs. You can share your knowledge and wisdom on a broad range of topics such as Math, English, Physics, Chemistry, and even there is a huge demand of students who are looking for talented teachers for learning Hindi language.


How to earn money by answering questions online in India?

You may surprise, but the fact is yes, you can earn money online in India too without investment by just answering questions. Of course, your answer must be best, accurate, and helpful for the users. And that is only possible when you choose the domain in which you have deep knowledge and in-hand experience. To start your journey in the questions and answer works, you can visit JustAnswer site. On this site, you have to first simply sign up. Then, according to your experience and expertise, you have to choose subjects such as finance, computer, law, software on which you have knowledge.


Conclusion & Recommendations

So, as you have read today’s post about how to earn money online in India, don’t stop here. Take a one step ahead and start your journey right away. Don’t forget what I have told you. Be honest with yourself and select the way you think you are best in. If you lack knowledge and wisdom, then do not be afraid of learning. There is no good age and time for learning. Make sure before you launch yourself into the world of online jobs, you must have sufficient talent if not best.



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