Best Quarantine Games To Play With Friends

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world down to its knees. Although the virus originated in China, it has sadly reached almost everywhere. To avoid it from thinning out any further, governments from around the world have issued a lockdown in many areas and restricted movements across the rest.

 Staying at home in Quarantine! — An essential step during such testing times!

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While people in world have been advised to stay indoors, they are relying on various online services to avoid dullness while sitting back at home 24/7.

Whether you’re looking for old-school favorites, party games, escape rooms or hard-core board games, there’s possibility of virtual option for you, as people have turned to tech for creative socializing during social distancing. Here are some of the best online and indoor gaming options available, whatever experience you’re looking for. Here Are the lst of Quarantine Games To Play With Friends.

Houseparty is a video chat app owned by Fortnite developer Epic Games that lets you play trendy games like trivia and Heads Up with friends online. While the app is at no cost to download, you do have to pay for some of the games. Up to eight people can connect a video chat “room” at once and play games jointly.

Houseparty is available for iOS, Android, MacOS and Chrome.


This is a game for adults and teenagers alike, but for best results, you’ll want to divide up into two mixed teams. In round one, each team will choose one of their members to go opposite in a quick-fire buzzer battle. Whoever wins the quick-fire buzzer fight will get to choose 3 movie cards from the pile. When prepared, they’ll get 30 seconds to get their team to shout out the movies by using three difficult techniques – acting out the film, assembly up a quote and describing them with just one word. Then the other team will do the similar with their cards. Whoever collects all the genres first wins!

Paytm First Games

Paytm First Games consist of trivia, contests, and is known for Rummy. Users can join with diverse players located across country in real-time to take part in the games.

Carrom Pool

Carrom Pool is the digital side of the well-liked board game Carrom and can be played by four players at a time.


UNO, a family-friendly loved card game, in its app, has built-in new rules, tournaments, and adventures to craft it more interesting.

Ludo King

Ludo King is a standard board game played between friends and family. The Ludo King is a cross-platform multiplayer game that runs in Desktop, Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms at the same time. This game also supports offline mode, where you can play with the computer or, local multiplayer.

8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a pool game for pro pool players and billiards experts. The game supports 1vs1 multiplayer method and comes with accessible touch controls.

Treasure hunt

Discovery of secret objects is quite thrilling to kids, especially if there is a viable challenge involved. So write a few clues and hide them in your kids stuff, and ask them to come across for them, making a trail to find the final prize.

Paper pencil games

Paper pencil games can be very appealing and educational. Remember the times we played name, place, animal, thing well there are multiple other games such as X and O, building words, and dots and squares. These games also aid increase mathematical and strategy judgment in kids.


Scrabble and Boggle are amusing word-building games, where you achieve points based on your word or number of words you can find. They assist improve your child’s vocabulary, and the competition is sufficient to keep them paying attention while learning new words together with.


Each family member will get turn in pulling out a block from the tower. As long as the tower is standing motionless, the game is on. Whoever makes the tower falls loses the game. This is one thrilling game and the great part is that only one loses and the rest are all winners.

Charades :

Just like Pictionary, charades is a type of game that will never breed old. You cherished it as a kid and you will definitely love it until you are an adult with kids and even with grandkids. The most excellent thing about this game is that you can play this everyplace and you no longer need any props, boards or materials to use. You can just write down words from different categories in a piece of paper and let the participants guess. This can also be a group game or an individual game.


One stroke from your finger, just distortion it and the enjoyment to watch the striker striking the other strikes on the board and dropping them in the net bag, what else the more strikes you have you are the winner, just a movement of your fingers.


Mix and match dissimilar Quarantine Games To Play With Friends mentioned-above and turn up with your own version as you stay indoors, spending some quality time with your family. Oh! Don’t overlook to maintain good personal hygiene and social distancing. Stay home, Stay Safe.

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