Best and Simple Ways to Track Your Kids Phone

The kids nowadays are facing so many issues while using the internet and social media. They are harassed and bullied by criminals over the internet. That’s why the situation gets alarming in recent times.

A number of reports suggest of quite unhealthy situation about the kids using excessive digital networks. So, the ongoing situation needs to be addressed in an efficient manner to protect the kids from the evils of digital communication.

The best solution in addressing the given situation is the monitoring of kids around their social media and internet usage. Let’s talk about ways of monitoring kids.

How kids can be monitored

1. Physically monitoring kids’ activities

The first and instant pop-up in our minds when talking about monitoring is physical or manual monitoring. The parents can monitor the activities of the kids by remaining around them physically.

But this is something that cannot be incorporated smoothly. All the parents have their other professional and social commitments as well that they need to address.

Thus, the manual monitoring of the kids is not something that can be comprehensively taken up for the said purpose.

2. Monitoring by using hardware gadgets

The use of hardware gadgets is another way of kids monitoring. Many parents opt to use transmitters, webcams, CCTVs, and other spy gadgets to track their kids’ activities.

But the use of hardware spying and gadgets is more prone to be exposed to the kids quickly. If the kids get to know of the respective activity, the whole idea of spying can be destroyed.

Moreover, these hardware devices do not record and monitor all the activities of the kids over the phone extensively. So, the option is discarded.

3. Use of cell phone monitoring app

The use of a cell phone tracking app is believed as the best solution in monitoring the kids’ needs over the internet and social media. A fine spy app can monitor even a bit of communication taking place over the target phone without any hassle.

There are many cell phone monitoring applications that are available to parents in the online marketplace. The solutions pertain to android and iPhone devices. But these solutions are normally paid solutions.

In short the parent needs to buy a subscription of the program, need to get physical access to the target device, and need to install the app on the target cell phone.

The salient features of a spy app are as follows.

Features of spy app

Location tracking of the kid

This very feature allows identifying the real-time location of the child at any point of time. The parent can know where the child is actually located at a certain point of time.

Moreover, all the real-time movement of the child gets recorded in the form of a log and saved to the web portal of the spy app. The parent can access the log to know the pattern of movement of the child.

This is an added security protocol for the child; if a child gets out of the reach of the parent, the parent can track the child’s location without any hassle.

Geo-fencing the movement of the child

The parent can restrict the child’s movement to crime-prone premises. The spy app allows the parent to allocate allowed and restricted areas for the child to visit and manage the log accordingly.

After this, every time the child tries to get into the restricted area, the parent is notified through email.

Tracking phone’s internal storage

The data stored in the phone internally can be monitored remotely. The contacts, appointments, calendars, images, videos, browsing history, and all other browser functions can also be managed and monitored.

Using the very feature, the parent can find meaningful insights into all activities of the child.

The keylogger chases password

The keylogger of the spy app tracks the password of all the installed apps on the cell phone of the child. The app does so by identifying the keystrokes pressed when the password field remains active.

Phone calls listening and recording

The incoming and outgoing phone calls can be tracked extensively. The end-user can listen to all the phone calls made or received in real-time remotely. These calls can be recorded to monitor the conversation later.

Screen recording

The screen recording feature allows the parent to know about all the activities over the specific app by reviewing the short clips. The spy app records the activities over certain apps in the form of short video clips.

The best spy app

So The best spy app nowadays that provides all these features is OgyMogy. It has all the above-mentioned functionalities and serves all the needs of the parents.


The best ways to track the kids’ phones are discussed. The ultimate solution to the problem is the use of a spy app.

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