Benefits of Neem / Beauty benefits of neem ?

Advantages of skin care of Neem leaves, how ?

The beauty benefits of neem leaves are overflowing, but how many of these do you know about? Did you know that neem leaves can be used in the variety of oil, paste, powder and juice for great skin and healthy hair? If you were unaware to the many uses and benefits of neem leaves, you have arrived to the right place. Here is all you need to know about how these bitter, green leaves are a marvel ingredient which helps maintain your beauty game strong. Take a look at nine surprising benefits of neem leaves and how precisely you can use them to get enviably gorgeous skin and beautiful hair.

Neem Leaves Benefits for Skin

  • Treats acne

Neem leaves are a blessing ingredient and a safe home remedy for oily and acne-prone skin. Since they show signs of antibacterial properties, they help keep skin free from pimple-causing bacteria and thus trim down acne. Neem oil extracted from neem leaves is a cooling, drying and non-comedogenic oil that you can use to zap surplus oil from the face and keep it clean and oil-free. You can use straight neem oil as a spot treatment to clash acne. To use it as face oil, weaken a few drops in water or any carrier oil like jojoba or olive oil and apply it on your face every night before going to bed for clear and soft skin.

·   Reduces blemishes

Not only do neem leaves help get rid of zits but they also help you get rid of the scars they go away behind. They heal and lighten immovable acne marks and dark spots, all thanks to the vitamin E in them. They also have medicinal and soothing properties which makes them a renowned remedy for acne scars. Applying a paste of neem leaves on your face every week can help you fade blemishes and acne marks and get immaculate skin and improved complexion in no time. Mix one tablespoon of neem powder, lemon juice and a bit of turmeric and apply on the affected area once a week. Clean and moisturize.

·   Fights signs of ageing

Neem leaves are full up of antioxidants, moisturizing triglycerides and vitamin E, which makes them a ideal anti-ageing treatment. They decrease the look of wrinkles, fines lines and dark spots and makes your skin look hard and toned. Besides boosting collagen and improving skin elasticity, they also defend skin from ageing signs caused by sun exposure and UV radiation. Usual use of neem leaves paste can slow down your ageing clock and rejuvenate skin. Set up a neem face pack with neem paste and sandalwood powder and use it twice a week to reach and maintain youthful and radiant skin.

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Prevents Recurrence of Blackheads

Blackheads can get awkward, but with neem, you most likely don’t have to worry. Diluting neem oil with water and applying it to your blackheads can help. But make certain you don’t use more than 2 to 3 drops of neem oil.

Following this remedy frequently will help you get rid of blackheads and also prevent their recurrence.

Neem is an significant part of Ayurveda – and the benefits of neem for skin are incredible, so get your glow and stay healthy.



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