7 Best Short Treks in Himachal Pradesh Tourism

“The gods are certainly living here…,” Himachal Pradesh once mentioned the great writer Rudyard Kipling as. Since time immemorial, the forlorn beauty of this Himalayan state in North India has charmed many people. There is no dearth of heavenly serenity in this region – from holy houses to picturesque hamlets, gurgling rivers across glacial lakes and lush green pasturelands to snow-crowded peaks. The numerous trails that encourage walkers to explore its beauty and find refuge in nature may perhaps be the largest legacy in Himachal Pradesh.

Patalsu Trek

Petalsu Peak trek begins in Solang Nallah, near the beautiful city of Manali like many incredibly beautiful Himachal Pradesh treks. The route passes through open alpine herbs, narrow ridges, and moraine paths and then through thick oak and pine woods, before leading you to 4250 meters of the peak of Mount Petals. You should expect an entertaining birdwatching experience as well as spot animals such as monks and fascinating species.

On the first day, travel from Manali to the 14 kilometer Solang Valley. Trek to the village of Solang. On the next day, you’re going to camp for the second night in the lovely open Shagadugh meadow. Start your journey early in the day and hit the fascinating Patalsu peak in the afternoon on the third day. You can get panoramic views of the Kullu valley from the highest point, as well as the highest peaks of Hanuman Tibba and Friendship. Come back to Shagadugh to camp for the evening and take the next day via Solang to Manali. The hike is moderate and every day climbs 4-5 hours, but it’s a satisfying experience.

Triund Trek

As a starting point trek in Himachal Pradesh, Triund Trek is widely popular. The Triund Trek starts from McLeodganj and follows a wonderful route with an amazing view of Dhauladhar on one side and the lovely Kangra Valley on another side. Walk up to Gallu Devi Temple’s first checkpoint, it’s really easy and mundane, but then the forest begins. You should pray at the shrine as you walk along it to complete your journey successfully and safely. Also for beginners, the path to the mountain is straightforward and simple.

Towards Bhagsu Nag the first 5 kilometers follow a comfortable course, surrounded by little stores and bars. A famous one is known as the Magic View Café, from which the Dhauladhar and Kangra valleys can be viewed best. You can find an old temple of Bhagsu Nag – a local god of the serpents – and a waterfall of the same name at Bhagsu Nag. Afterward, it gets a little steep, but not too steep before the summit. The view looks completely stunning from above, trying to hit the hilltop before sunset. Enjoy sleeping and snoring in the open starry sky of Triund, surrounded by mighty peaks, before walking the next day.

Kareri Lake Trek

All you need is a long weekend in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh for this beautiful offbeat walk. You have to reach the pretty town of Dharamshala during this trip to the glacial Kareri Lake created by the rivers running down from Minkiani Peak. You can walk from there to the village of Kareri for around 25 kilometers, then Liyoti Village for a further 6 kilometers, in the middle of the local Gaddi Tribe. The next day you walk through the oak, pine, and rhododendron woods to reach Reoti village campground and climb steep ascents along the streams of Kareri Nallah and Nylund Nallah. It takes you from there to the mountainous Kareri Lake in Minkiani Pass through some alpine fields of wooden bridges across riverbanks. It is like a mirror glass that reflects the beauty of nature in the middle of utter vacuity.

Take a look at the former temple of Shiva that stands like a protector at the summit overlooking the lake. After an evening in the tents, return the next day and travel back to Dharamshala to Kareri Village.

Bhagsu Nag Trek

The village of Bhagsu Nag is to the east of McLeodganj and is known for its majestic waterfalls. The route is frequented by tourists of all ages, particularly in summer, who come to see McLeodganj or Dharamshala.

Both the town and the falls come to be called a local legend that involves a fight between King Bhagsu and Naga, the Snake God. The trek to the waterfalls of Bhagsu Nag and the old temple has been plain and straightforward, with little cafes and craft shops. You can either descend the same way or start the Triund Trek when you reach the top and take your photographs.

Churdhar Peak Trek

The highest point on the Outer Himalayan Range, with an elevación of 12 000 ft, is Churdhar Peak located in the Sirmour district of Himachal. It is a reference to the similarity of the moniker to “Bangles of snow rids,” piles of snow-crossed moves. The peak has great religious significance in local people with a giant statue of Lord Shiva on top of Shirgul Devtha Temple, but it is also very important in geography.

Karol Tibba Trek

The Karol Tibba Trek is a brilliant gem among all the quick to moderate hiking tours in Himachal. The magnificent summit overlooks the town of Solan and every year attracts numerous hikers and adventurers. The trail begins in Chambaghat, 25 km from Kasauli, near Solan. The path begins on human-made brick paths, leads to grasslands, and leads through thick forests of deodorant and pine trees into steep terrain.

The first few hundred meters of Pandava Cave, which was believed to be the longest and longest cellar in the Himalayas, are icing on a cake. According to legend, the Pandava brothers escaped from the burned Jatugriha in this cave

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